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Non-Muslim women take on Ramadan hijab challenge

Non-Muslim women take on Ramadan hijab challenge
Grace Lloyd got a spherical of applause when she walked into her classroom at Doha’s Gulf English School on the primary day of Ramadan, sporting a black hijab with her blue uniform.

The shy eleven-yr-old flushed as her fellow grade seven classmates in the Qatari capital clapped and cheered for her earlier this month.

Lloyd, a British Christian, can be overlaying her head for the complete duration of the holy month this 12 months in harmony with Muslim girls who face discrimination for wearing the hijab.

“I sense very strongly about this,” said Lloyd, the youngest player of the 30-day Ramadan hijab assignment, a every year initiative by using the non-income World Hijab Day (WHD) agency, inviting women of all faiths to put on the headband for a month.

“I typically put on the black one, I feel greater comfortable with it because all of the people in my elegance put on it too,” she informed Al Jazeera, adding she would possibly try a exceptional color later inside the month.

The hijab is a headband worn through Muslim girls who feel it’s far a part of their faith.

For the organisers, the purpose of the month-long interest is to build bridges and break stereotypes.

Nazma Khan, president and founder of World Hijab Day business enterprise.
“This occasion is for people who need to revel in the hijab for more than simply in the future as a way to higher understand what Muslim girls undergo on a every day foundation,” said Nazma Khan, the president and founder of the World Hijab Day business enterprise.

Each year on February 1, Khan’s non-profit also invitations women to cover their heads for an afternoon to mark World Hijab Day.

“It’s high-quality to have the one day where you walk in someone else’s shoes, however for 30 days, you in reality, genuinely get to stroll in someone else’s shoes,” Ellie Lloyd, WHD’s government director and Qatar ambassador for the non-earnings, said.

“In the most basic terms, the hijab is a chunk of material, however for a Muslim woman who places it on, it has the private of religious meaning,” she added.

Fasting enjoy
Muslims within the United States, Europe and Turkey commenced fasting on May sixteen this yr, with a few nations within the Gulf and Middle East vicinity welcoming the holy month on May 17.

As one of the 5 pillars of Islam, fasting is obligatory during Ramadan. Observers abstain from ingesting, consuming, smoking and having intercourse from dawn to sundown.

Khan advised Al Jazeera that non-Muslims sporting the hijab has a greater social impact than fasting as part of the Ramadan undertaking.

Afaf Nasher, executive director for the New York bankruptcy of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is of the same opinion.

Kayla Hajji, Mormon Christian from California. 
“Fasting is, for the maximum part, now not visible to the public, hence, carrying a hijab promotes the religion publicly in a manner fasting does now not,” she stated.

However, as a Mormon Christian, besides sporting the hijab for 30 days, Kayla Hajji stated she is likewise fasting this 12 months.

“There is such splendor in coming together as a network of believers to speedy that is indescribable unless you participate,” the 35-year-old American from Fresno, California, stated.

She desired to take the hijab venture to get a small glimpse into what her “sisters in faith cope with” to “better apprehend their struggles or triumphs”.

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