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WorldHostingDays rebrands as CloudFest

WorldHostingDays rebrands as CloudFest

In the probably-should-have-happened-sooner category, WorldHostingDays has rebranded as CloudFest.
The change will take place starting with its big annual show in Europe, which takes place March 10-16, 2018 at Europa-Park in Germany.
The webhosting industry has become very commoditized and excitement for hosting conferences has waned at the same time that a broader audience has started attending “cloud” conferences.
That term encompasses a lot. As the organizers point out:
The cloud is not only about bandwidth, storage, or connectivity anymore but includes platforms delivering a full spectrum of services at the foundation of all communication and data transfer around the world. It touches everything—IoT, autonomous driving, air traffic control, finances, blockchain, AI, and even dating.
That opens up to a lot more potential attendees (and sponsors) than a conference under the hosting moniker.
The company that organizes CloudFest also owns NamesCon. Both conferences are now owned by GoDaddy.
WorldHostingDays bought the CloudFest.com domain name this summer. It was listed on GoDaddy’s Afternic.

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