House Into Poetry

House Into Poetry

What is the “house” we live in? Is it a blend of dividers and roofs? I think it has a spirit. It requests warmth and grievance. Over all that it may be a subject of hold back.


Four dividers lift it on their shoulder.

Signs of rain dropping on it was the music

My youth supports most.

A kite is dangling from its corner.

Rooftop looks unimaginable tones.

I comprehend that it should need an outing with it.


Experience the hall and screw up.

The reduce red of wound,

Mother has gone to include

Moreover, you won’t tell father.

Is it confirmed that reprimand is agonizing

Essentially in excess of damage?


The shadow of the winged animal

Upon the totally dry gold meadows…

The shades of the trees have abbreviated,

The high-lit blooms on earth

Propel their faces asking a couple

Novel recuperation. Mid-twelve.

Watch these essentially, excitedly and

Splash these through pours of the body.

Be inebriated in them.

Mid-twelve, mumbling in quiet mode

Gives us recovery.


The world has sent him before timetable to his bed

The entryways kept fairly open halfway reveal substances..

A world confined, ages disconnected, half known.

The evening of capability that will creep in

His dreamscapes will live till he gets it.

The bed develops short, time perpetual and night winged creatures

Ascend to the intersection of a blue moon.

He comprehends the sheets of window of a torment.

Night grins to acknowledge joys of world.

Repercussions of a mishap

The blurred away men, how was it to be

That close downfall? The censure of light through it,

The extraordinary lessen water’s risky handle

Settling flawless past what many would think about conceivable. Sheer wastage.

The salt that eyes let blend with the stream.

How the basic cries of you, stifled the

Stun prized in brains or need

Of wants, inauspicious even to their spirits.

The disease beds of a commemoration benefit home and the pandemonium

Furthermore, result on the occurrence did they

Care even particle of it? Their eyes

Established in fear never watched out for them.

Road of rain

A road of rain, pouring and tumult of

Contorts part into ways of soaked safe houses.

The working of white darkness remains already.

The strained hands shut in hands in a relief

Watches mists and rains and cries down his cheeks.

Ticking I.C.U. past a horrendous dream.

Aromas of nursing can’t wipe sorts of

Confound, perceptive evenings and old sweats.

The stifling flame of rest eats up the eyelids.

Love is watching love understanding the demand

Of with respect to life, what to think about it. Rain wet windows…

squandered confirmations

The squandered confirmations are allocating,

One day an effect will tear disengaged.

The tree under which an extensive number of human

Intrusion, and come back to weaken dream’s devotion park,

Also, staircases that trade tired legs to

Rooms and annihilate them with happiness and anguish.

Everything in our concept’ll overwhelms,

Shoot away past our memory.

Such explosives guarantees have gathered

Both the world

The rosy diminish shaded scene of cinnamon

Is it the nation you started from?

Night drops down from this side of earth.

There is always tranquil to sort out.

The green fragments of this man made desert spring

The windows sheet in a sore light

Of a measurement at the dull 6th floor, fades away.

The entry opens itself midway,

Is it you within the sight of tornado?

The sense shivers to a closeness.

Somebody fiddles with the development on the life.

The window gets reduce scene

Of night walkers there down cry.

A reddish dull shaded area shudders

Between negligible diverse things of both the universes.

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