Guru Ravidas’s Jayanti Quotes | Guru Ravidass Jayanti Wishes Status 2021

Guru Ravidas’s Jayanti in India in 2021 Quotes, Wishes, and status for Whatsapp 2021 & Mobile Messages and SMS of Guru Ravidas Jayanti/Birthday for the Best Wishes of this Day.

Guru Ravidas’s Jayanti Quotes in Hindi

Guru Ravidass Jayanti Quote

Guru Ji Main Teri Patang Hawa Wich Udd Di Jawangi … !!!

Guru Jayanti Door Hattho Na Chhadi Main Katti Jawaan Gi … !!!

Gur Ravidas Jayanti Di Lakh Lakh Wadhaiyaan … !!!

Happy Ravidass Jayanti … !!!

Bhala Kisi Ka Nahi Karr Saktey

To Buraa Kisi Ka Matt Karna

Phool Jo Nahi Bann Saktey Tum

Kantey Ban Karr Mat Rehnaa … !!!

Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti … !!!

Aaj Ka Din Hai Khooshiyon Bhara

Aap Ko Poorey Pariwaar Sahit

Guru Ravidas Jayanti Ki

Bohat Bohat Shubhkamnain … !!!

Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti … !!!

Prabhu Je Tum Chandan Hum Pani

Tuhi Mohi Mohi Tuhi

Anter Kaisa Tujhaai Sujhantaa Kachho Nahi

Chal Man Harr Chatsal Parhaoon .. !!!

Happy Guru Ravidas Ji Jayanti … !!!

Agar Ek Arya Akela Hai Toh Usse Sawayam Adhyayan Karna Chahiey.

Agar Do Ho Toh Unhe Paraspar Prashnottar Karna Chahiye

Agar Ek Se Jyadaa Ho Toh Unhe Satsang Karna Chahiye

Aur Vedo Ke Adhyaya Padne Chahiye … !!!

Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti … !!!

Guru Ravidass Jayanti Quotes in English:

Guru Ravidass Jayanti Quote English

Sing the songs of joy to the Lord, serve the Name of the Lord, and become the servant of His servants.

Wish you and your family a very happy Guru Ravi Das Jayanthi. May guruji shower his blessings on your entire family.

Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru, none can cross over to the other shore.

Let’s shed the layer of negativity and bring in to practice the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Let’s follow one God, on goal and one way.

Bhala Kisi Ka Nahi Kar Sakte Toh Bura Kisi Na Mat Karna Phool Jo Nahi Ban Sakte Tum Kaante Bankar Mat Rehna! Happy Guru Ravidas Jayanti!

Guru Ravidas ji says that just by being born one does not become inferior but the deeds of human beings make him inferior make

Ravidas If the law says your mind and heart pure personification of God in your heart residence is in

Guru Ravidas ji says that the way the stem of a banana is peeled, the leaf under the leaf, then the leaf under the leaf and finally nothing comes out, but the whole tree is finished, just as humans have been divided among the castes. The division of humans divides them differently and in the end, the humans also end, but this caste is not finished, so Ravidas ji says till this caste is not finished, a person cannot join each other or one Can not be.

Ravidas Jayanti ji says that he definitely hopes for other things except for diamond, precious green from God One has to go to hell, that is, it is futile to wander here and there, except in the devotion of the Lord.

Ravidas ji says that we should always be engaged in our karma and we should never give up hope for the fruits of changing karma, because karma is our religion, so it is our fruit Fortunately

God’s religion of the Ravi Dass Ji couplets of intent that is derived from large fortune if want some If you are not even proud, then your life is definitely successful, just like a giant elephant cannot take sugar grains, but even a small-looking ant can easily consume these sugar grains. One should also abandon the sense of greatness and concentrate in devotion to God.

Ravidas Ji says that Ram, Krishna, Hari, Ishwar, Karim, Raghav are all one God Vedas, Quran, Puranas, etc. have different names of the same Gods in all the scriptures and all teach virtue lessons for devotion to God.

Ravidas ji says that seeing the Ravidas, people were disgusted whose residence was like hell so that Ravidas got absorbed in devotion to God and then he was truly born as a human being.


[accordion title=”FAQ”] [accordion-item title=” Why is Ravidas Jayanti celebrated?”]
Guru Ravidas was a North Indian mystic saint-poet of the bhakti movement during the 15th to 16th century CE. Venerated as a Guru (teacher) in the region of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, he was born in Harijan caste family in the Varanasi to the Mata Kalsa and Baba Santokh Dass Ji in the Seer Goverdhanpur village/Varanasi/U.P. He was a poet-saint, social reformer, and a spiritual figure. He is considered as the founder of the 21st-century Ravidassia religion, by a group who previously were associated with Sikhism.
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The Ramdasia Sikhs are very old Sikh followers of the gurus when the gurus were in the living body. They followed the Sikh religion with devotion and impressed by the equality concept in Sikhism. There is a narration that guru Amardass while bringing water from River Beas fell near the house of a weaver and the lady said something wrong about him. They are the people whose ancestors were doing the weaving business or work in leather. The incidence is important because this family was also a follower of Guru Angad Dev whom at that time guru Amardas was serving.
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Day by day the followers of the Guru ji were increasing because of his truthfulness, humanity, oneness of God and bring equality in society and many more. Another side, some Brahmans and Piran Ditta Mirasi were planning to kill Guru Ravidas Ji that’s why they arranged a meeting at lonely place which was far away from the village. They invited Guru Ji to involve in the meeting to discuss the topic where they decided to kill Guru Ji however Guru ji were already known of all the event because of his spiritual powers.
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Sant Ravidas Jayanti or birthday anniversary is celebrated every year on Magh Purnima at full moon day of Magh month with great enthusiasm and happiness all over India Guru Ravidas was a North Indian mystic poet-sant of the bhakti movement during the 15th to 16th century CE. Venerated as a Guru (teacher) in the region of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. However; people in Varanasi celebrate this occasion like a memorable event and festival.