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Get up, wake up and don’t stop until the goal is achieved.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes
The biggest sin is to understand yourself weakly.

Every task has to go through these stages – ridicule, protest and then acceptance. People who think ahead of their time are misunderstood.

How many times a man ruins his disciples by being with him forever! When men are once trained, it is imperative that their leaders leave them, because without their absence they cannot develop themselves. Plants always remain small under a large tree.

You should not condemn anyone. If you can extend a helping hand, then do so. If you cannot join hands, bless your brothers, and let them go their way.

Books are infinite in number and time is short. The secret of knowledge is that which is necessary. Take it and try to live it.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes
Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet.

Books are infinite in number and time is short. The secret of knowledge is that which is necessary. Take it and try to live it.

All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes On Youth

The only religion that should be taught is the religion of fearlessness. Either in this world or in the world of religion, it is true that fear is the definite cause of collapse and sin. It is fear that brings misery, fear that brings death, fear that gives rise to evil. And what causes fear? Ignoring our own nature.

The whole life is the successor of dreams. My ambition is to be a conscious dreamer, that’s all.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes on Believe

Take a risk in your life. If you win, you can lead! If you lose, you can guide!

Education is an expression of the perfection already present in man.

I learn while I am alive. The man or the society that has nothing to learn is already in the jaws of death.

The greatest truth is the simplest things in the world that are as simple as your own existence.

There is no limit to the power of the human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear at one point.

Where can we go to find God if we cannot see Him in our hearts and in every living being?

All the knowledge that the world has received comes from the mind. The infinite library of the universe is in our own mind.

Desire, ignorance, and inequality – this is the trinity of bondage.

You have to move from the inside to the outside. No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher, but you have your own soul.

In the struggle between heart and mind, follow your heart.

In a day, when you don’t come across any problem – you can make sure that you are traveling through the wrong path.

The great secret of true happiness, true success is this: – The man or woman who does not ask for any return. The most selfless person is the most successful.

All the power is within you.” You can do anything and everything. Trust him, don’t believe that you are weak. Do not believe that you are half as crazy as most of us do nowadays. You can do anything and everything without anyone’s guidance. Stand up and express your inner divinity.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes on Religion:

The greatest religion is to be true to our nature. Have faith in yourself .

The greatest sin is to think of ourselves as weak.

Whatever makes us physically, intellectually and spiritually weak, reject it as poison.

Dare to be free.” As far as your thinking goes, dare to go and have the courage to take it into your life.

We are what our thoughts have made us. So take care of what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts remain, they travel far.

Don’t be afraid of anything. You will do amazing work. It is fearlessness that brings heaven even in a moment.

They live alone, who live for others.

Get up, wake up, don’t stop until the goal is reached.

All love is an extension. All selfishness is a contraction. Therefore, love is the only rule of life. The one who loves is alive, the one who is selfish is dying. Therefore love for love because it is the only rule of life, the way you breathe to live.

Swami Vivekananda Quotes on Believe

Swami Vivekananda
You can’t believe in God until you believe in yourself.

Strength is life, weakness is death. Extension is life, contraction is death. Love is life, hate is death.

Neither seek nor escape, take what comes.

The fire that heats us can also consume us. It is not the fault of fire.

Learn from others what is good. But bring it in and absorb it in your own way. Do not be like others.

We are responsible for who we are. And whatever we wish to be ourselves, we have the power to create ourselves. If we are now the result of our own past actions, then it is certainly in this way that whatever we want to do in the future can be created by our present actions. So we have to know how to work.

Was there a more horrible blasphemy than the statement that all knowledge of God is limited to this or that book? How people call God infinite, and still try to narrow it down to the cover of a small book!

Do one thing at a time. And while doing it, leave it to everyone to involve your whole soul in it.

The moment I feel God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand before each human with reverence and seeing God in him – the moment I am free from bondage. Everything that binds, vanishes, and I am free.

He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. Old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in God. The new religion says that he is an atheist who does not believe in himself.

The powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun. When they are focused, they illuminate.

Are you selfless?” that is the question. If you are, you will be perfect without reading the same religious book, going to the same church or temple.

Even the greatest fool could complete a task if it was close to his heart. But the wise are those who can change every task to their taste.

Blessed are those whose bodies are destroyed in service to others.

Don’t look back and forth. Infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite courage and infinite patience – then alone can accomplish great works.

Swami Vivekananda
God did not give me everything I wanted. But, he gave me everything I needed! “