TV Networks Reject Ads for Anti-Abortion Movie

TV network reject ads for anti abortion movies
TV network reject ads for anti abortion movies

Commercials for PureFlix’s ‘Unplanned,’ inbound in one,000 theaters on Friday, are rejected by period, Hallmark Channel, HGTV and a number of {other|and several other} other cable networks aside from Fox News.
If you haven’t seen an advert for Unplanned, associate anti-abortion moving picture important of Planned adulthood, it isn’t for lack trial a part of marketers, whose efforts are systematically rebuffed by TV networks.

Pure Flix, the distributor behind the box workplace hit God’s Not Dead and different movies aimed a Christians, opens the moving picture in one,000 theaters these days, however outside of the Fox News Channel, each different thought tv outlet has declined to air the ad.

Lifetime, as an example, told the film’s marketers that they declined to air the business because of the “sensitive nature of the film,” the ad consumers tell The Hollywood newsman. The marketers tho’, note that the network — that is closely-held by A&E Networks, a venture of filmmaker associated William Randolph Hearst Communications — antecedently promoted an interview with Scarlett Johansson wherever she pitches Planned adulthood.

The Travel Channel, cookery Channel, HGTV and Food Network, every of that square measure closely-held by Discovery, conjointly refused to sell ad time for Unplanned because of the “sensitive nature” of the moving picture, say people who tried shopping for air time.

Other networks that refused to advertise the moving picture embrace the Hallmark Channel and USA Network, the latter of that is closely-held by NBCUniversal.

“We were wanting to pay cash, however, they did not need to urge concerned,” same John Sullivan, a producer of Unplanned. THR reached dead set all of the networks; period declined to comment whereas the remainder didn’t respond.

“Most of the networks did not get in detail on the far side citing the topic matter of the film which they did not need to urge into politics. however we do not believe we’re within the political class,” same Joe Knopp, hit or miss producer.

Marketing Unplanned has been an associate uphill battle for a number of months currently, since the MPAA saddled the film with the associate R rating, that filmmakers say can push back a key demographic: Christians. Indeed, Up TV cited the R rating once it conjointly rejected the business, as did many Christian radio channels that conjointly refused to air ads for Unplanned.

The rating conjointly places family-friendly Pure Flix within the uncomfortable position of getting to distribute associated market an R-rated moving picture for the primary time.

Along with Fox News, The Christian Broadcast Network accepted ads, as has conservative speak radio, with John Herschel Glenn Jr. gesture taking a very active role in promoting the moving picture, as well as his hosting of a special screening of the moving picture in Salt Lake town scheduled for tonight. one in all the rejected TV commercials, in fact, options a promotional material from the gesture that reads: “You have not seen anything like this.”

Due to the shortage of economic airtime offered to the film, marketers are looking forward to a lot of innovative techniques. Pure Flix, as an example, debuted the film at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Feb.

Mike Lindell, the founding father of MyPillow World Health Organization invested with $1 million in Unplanned, is additionally promoting the moving picture, that tells actuality story of former Planned adulthood government Abby Johnson, World Health Organization quit the organization to become an outstanding pro-life advocate. Unplanned conjointly got some packaging at its Hollywood premiere once singer Joy Villa attended during a dress emblazoned with the title of the film and therefore the phrase, “F*CK Planned adulthood.”

Similar to the networks taking a die commercialism ads, Unplanned antecedently had no luck licensing thought music for the moving picture, as a half-dozen major music labels same no to the filmmakers, as well as a filmmaker, Universal Music, Sony/ATV, and spherical Hill Music.

Planned adulthood issued the subsequent statement concerning Unplanned, “The claims during this film square measure merely false. Planned adulthood is proud to produce professional, high-quality health care to our patients, as well as safe and legal abortion, during a safe and compassionate surrounding. The moving picture promotes several falsehoods as well as most significantly, distortions and incorrect depictions concerning aid.”


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